Be alone. Play fabulous music. Play it loud. Dance. Dance your heart out. Move. Do it in front of a mirror if you have one. Watch how your body moves. Feel your body. Notice where your stiffness, or pain, awkwardness and self-consciousness.

Swing your pelvis backwards, forwards, side to side. Unlock hardened muscles and sinew. Jump, reach, sway, point, smooch with your mirror. Play air guitar. Sing, shout, hum, talk to yourself. Sway to the rhythms.

Music can transport us back to an earlier time that has meaning. If it does, let yourself be there. But importantly, it can also allow you to be present to your own aliveness. Here, right now. No past. No future.

In culture, the body can be an object to be controlled, a source of status and/or shame.

But there is another way to be in and with your body. From the inside out. Not as a machine but as a fundamental part of who you are. A place where you can begin to learn to have pleasure and enjoy your…..self.

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