Individual Therapy

Imagine finding a peace and contentment that seeps into your bones, a place within you that sustains you regardless of what comes your way.  Imagine feeling seen, valued, a sense of knowing your path.

The way we are cared for and related to early in life, our role models, for better or worse, affect the way we manage the trials and tribulations of our lives thereafter.  The way we form and experience relationships, our capacity to give and receive love, even how close we get to reaching our potential, is part of that same mix.  Living in a frantic world with its many demands complicates this further.

Life is not a finished product and what we need changes along the way. In each moment we are unfolding to more and more of who we are and can be. What we ‘lack’ we already have deep within us and part of the journey is to ‘rediscover’ this, to find the meaning and purpose of our life. A life worth living.

Counselling suits short term work and can help to alleviate immediate distress, but for those willing to commit to a longer process, the deeper work of psychotherapy can bring about real life-changing transformation and healing.


Whatever you can do
or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it,
Begin it now!