We live in a rapidly changing world which can be exciting and stimulating but which also brings associated stresses, strains and uncertainty.

The 21st century is calling for a special kind of professional: A master of communication, personal and interpersonal skills. A professional who is in tune with how the world works, has empathy and compassion, can manage relationships of all kinds, help others feel safe, and who is able to direct self and others creatively.

Such a person has skill indeed, someone at the top of Maslow’s Pyramid, or at least looking in that direction.

Aiming high requires confidence, drive, motivation, inner freedom and sense of being worthy and deserving. Some have this already. For most of us however it has to be learned, earned and transformed through experience and oftentimes repeated mishap. Coaching offers an objective eye and method for finding our way.

I work with individuals and groups and offer bespoke training to suit personal needs and that of the organisation.

You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf.
Jon Kabat-Zinn