Divine August Days

Aug 23 2016

There is a special light in late August. The sky is the bluest blue and the sun the most golden yellow.  There is a quietness and softness in the air.  And every year I feel a kind of homesickness.  A  longing.  Maybe for times past.  Summertime and a rest from work offers a space for many to get lost in wonderful literature. This year I’ve discovered some great writers thanks to the recommendations of my local book club.  In everything I read, I seek out words, phrases, ideas that resonate with me, and speak to me of the experience of life. They are the words I sometimes cannot find for myself even though I hunger to be so talented.   I tag the pages, I  note them down.   I sometimes refer to them later in my therapy room.   People love words I’ve discovered.     The beautiful lines below are those I found this summer.  From RUMI, whose simplicity of language never ceases to move me.

‘Out beyond ideas of wrong doing

and right doing,

there is a field.

I will meet you there.


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